Rimango sveglio

Ed il più grande
conquistò nazione dopo nazione,
e quando fu di fronte al mare si sentì un coglione
perchè più in là
non si poteva conquistare niente;
e tanta strada per vedere un sole disperato
e sempre uguale e sempre
come quando era partito.

Bello l'eroe con gli occhi azzurri dritto sopra la nave
ha più ferite che battaglie, e lui ce l'ha la chiave.
Ha crocefissi e falci in pugno e bla bla bla fratelli
ed io ti ho sollevata figlia per vederlo meglio
io che non parto e sto a guardarti
e che rimango sveglio.
(Roberto Vecchioni)

Inserito da enzo , giovedì 20 maggio 2010 alle 08:33 Commenti (1)

Commento di Hanif , sabato 14 luglio 2012 alle 20:47
" RM20 for a gold class ticket, it's an exncriepee for the eyes, ears and exncriepee. RM20 for a meal, it's an exclusive taste for the tongue. While you complain about the ticket or meal, we complain about women's shopping where a piece of clothe/dress/bag cost more than it should and eventually ended up in the dark corner of the cupboard. There's nothing wrong with both sides, but since (I assume) 煜先生 doesn't complain about your shopping, there's no reason to reject his desire to watch Transformers ROTF with gold class ticket. Sam didn't die in the movie. He merely lost his conscious due to concussion / shock wave from the blast/bombing. It's like riding roller coaster when the G-force is too strong, you feel like vomiting. The stage after vomiting is fainting and losing conscious. If you watch Mythbusters, Adam fainted because the G-force inside the air fighter was too strong. It's the same concept .Transformers is not a movie made to win best movie in Oscar, Golden Globe or whatever awards. It is a movie MADE TO SELL THE TOYS and rake in more money for Paramount (USD600mil in 13 days). The toys were created first, before the cartoon and movie. The story line is weak but that's not the movie's selling point. The movie is to sell CGI, special effect, to fulfil the childhood dreams of Transformers fan and a movie for people to watch during the summer. Nothing more, nothing less. If you went into the cinema with high hopes of watching a movie with good storyline, good moral values or superb acting skills, Transformers and most of, if not, all the blockbusters movies are going to disappoint you. Of course, there are a few exceptions like The Dark Knight.I think you had too high expectations of the movie and the fact that girls don't like such movies, it is not surprising that you hate the movie. It's okay and I accept that. I am writing this long is just to state my point of view and change your perception, not to look for a fight. Watching movie is about managing expectations. The more you expect, the greater the disappointment is. Coming from a guy (me) who watches movie almost every week, I have to learn to manage my expectations. Anyway, Transformers ROTF is not a good movie, but it's a damn fun movie to watch. I have watched 8 times in the cinema in 2 weeks. :) Sorry ya, long winded. "

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