Quelli dell'89...

Ho ricevuto questa foto da due giovani nati nel 1989, scattata  per divertimento a Berlino, laddove si ergeva il Muro della Grande Divisione. Il loro primo vero viaggio da soli a percorrere l'Europa e trovare un punto della loro nascita. Quante volte si sono sentiti dire "siete nati quando il Muro veniva abbattuto!" La guardo e gioco, con la fantasia e dalle poche cose che si vedono, ad immaginarne pensieri e curiosità. Quello a destra è sicuramente dell'Ovest: scarpe Adidas, calzoncini griffati...e poi è così vicino al "muro", da quella parte ci si poteva avvicinare, addirittura graffiarne la superficie. L'altro a sinistra è dell'Est, dimesso, vecchi sandali e poi i jeans sdruciti (tanto ambiti quanto vietati dal regime) ...e poi fa anche il pugno chiuso cuore, nostalgia, indottrinamento...elucubrazioni estive basta cliccare col mouse su ruota immagine e tutto si trasforma, tutto cambia. buone cose.

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Commento di Endykelve , venerdì 21 settembre 2012 alle 06:59
" Praise God for this wonderful news! Because we are Christians, the Spirit that lives in us makes us more aware of the evil that sundruors us every day. When I started on this journey in March I soon became overwhelmed as I learned the truths of our government. I honestly thought it was just God and I that had to stand up against the evil and fight alone. I can't tell you how willing, but scared I was knowing that He may use my life to be martyered. What a Hugh relief when directed shortly afterwards to this site last March. God has an army and it isn't just me. LOL Thank you Darla for standing with me when I first joined. What a basket case I had become! Now God is sending us back to Las Vegas, into the desert again. I don't know how He wants to use me yet, but I do have faith that He'll be with me. God gave my family twelve wonderful years together in the Midwest. We all grew (literally) from too much relaxation and fried cheese curds. It has been the best time in my life! I was prepared with food stocked and some silver purchased. I even lived within 10 minutes of both our adult children and grandchildren. I wanted to protect them. Then three weeks ago my husband received a call regarding a promotion with GE. He was told that he would get to work from home instead of nine months of traveling. A week later we learned that our home was going to be back in Las Vegas, NV. I spent two weeks kicking and screaming against the idea of leaving the rest of our family and entering into a land I despise. We left a week ago for a short stay in Northern California for training before arriving in Vegas on the 15th. GE even sent a letter stating that they would be moving all our posessions and would help sale our house. I didn't understand why God hadn't changed my heart or put the desire to leave as He had always done before. I was determined to be obedient and go with my husband, bad attitude and all and had the biggest pity party in WI. The day before departing, God spoke to my heart and reminded me that Abraham didn't FEEL like sacrificing his son when asked but he was obedient and had a much better attitude. I know that God will watch over my children and their children, which gives me some comfort. I left the serenity of our lake house and the beauty of the trees hoping that He will reveil the WHY soon. Please pray that I adjust to the unfriendly lot that reside there. I want to do His Will what ever it might be.So, hearing word tonight that In GOD WE TRUST will remain, has even greater meaning for me. God didn't assign me to do His will alone He gave me you! And, when there appears to be no hope, our govenment stood up for righteousness and kept God as head of our country. All things ARE possible through Christ who gives us strength.In closing I promise not to make such lengthy posts in the future! I just wanted to let my new group know a little about me. Your turn. "

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