Che capolavoro!

Oggi La Nazione nella sua pagina del Valdarno è riuscita brillantemente nella sua funzione di equilibrata informazione quotidiana e di sviscerato affetto per questa terra:   in un primo articolo ci ha immersi in preda di albanesi e meridionali “nella Valle dei delitti” e poi ha fatto parlare, con reciproco spazio e bella fotografia di entrambi,  il sottoscritto e la collega Consigliera Regionale di centro destra Angela Notaro.

Ben fatto penserete, rigorosa par condicio!

Lo sarebbe stato se non fosse accaduto che la Notaro ha potuto criticare scelte fatte dalla Giunta montevarchina di Centro sinistra, svolgendo quindi il suo ruolo di opposizione ed a me con contorsionismi ed artifizi provocati soprattutto dal titolo a corredo del pezzo, mi si è fatto criticare l’Assessore regionale alla sanità, notoriamente di centro sinistra e l’operato dei Sindaci Valdarnesi anch'essi tutti di centro sinistra. Un vero capolavoro, avrebbe fatto impallidire anche il mitico Emilio Fede!
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Commento di Adriana , sabato 14 luglio 2012 alle 20:46
" Thanks Heather. I really aeptpciare that. I just got a snarky message from someone saying I was conceited by posting this. Le sigh.Am I not supposed to be proud of my accomplishments? They're all I have. I just did my taxes and I'm basically at the poverty line. Does that change your mind Mr Snarky messager? My main impulse for writing this was to remember just how much has happened in one little year. "

Commento di Dana , venerdì 20 aprile 2012 alle 18:04
" I too love the title and would probably pick up the book to read the back cover and first few pages based on that alone.But I agree with a lot of the fbedeack: that the opening feels forced; that brevity shouldn't be used as a selling point (even if it *might* be one); that telling me something is funny automatically makes it less funny.The bio is one of your strongest paragraphs. Take a look at what is working there and extend that into the rest.I think it's okay -- appealing, in fact -- to have some "common," identifiable examples among your stories. But then you should contrast that with some unique ones -- show us why we want to read THIS book rather than Chelsea Handler's or anyone else's.Also, I'd like to get a better sense of YOU right from the start. Maybe that's part of what's making other commenters feel that this is too generic right now. I don't know how old you are, what your family is like, what your cultural background is, etc. Painting that picture would give me something -- someone -- to connect to, and thus make me more invested in their (your) stories.Great start, now it's time to sharpen! You've obviously got talent, so I'm sure you can knock this out of the park. "

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