200 candeline per Cavriglia

Martedì 17 marzo ore 10:30
Festa di compleanno del Comune di Cavriglia
Ivano Ferri, Sindaco di Cavriglia
Enzo Brogi, Antonio Camici, ex sindaci del Comune
I ragazzi delle scuole spengeranno 200 candeline della grande torta.

Festeggeremo con il Sindaco Ivano Ferri, i 200 anni del nostro Comune. Sarà una grande festa per tutti i cittadini che come me sono orgogliosi di vivere a Cavriglia, per il senso civico e di appartenenza che insieme abbiamo sempre cercato di sviluppare all'interno della nostra comunità.

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Commento di Pawit , domenica 9 dicembre 2012 alle 00:55
" Karen, I sat in on project time in a seoncd grade class at The Brooklyn New School. The children were working in small groups designing and then building various structures. It was fascinating to observe how children, based on their particular strengths, took on different roles in the process. There was an incredible amount of dialogue and collaboration taking place.On a less sophisticated level, I have a memory of children in my kindergarten class working in pairs trying to design boats, using tin foil, that would float in the water table. This was something that they were doing during Choice Time. There was a combination of Oh No's , Yeas We did it Let's Try Again coming from the center. Other children occasionally wandered over to see what was happening. When a pair was successful, they shared their boat at meeting. Children who were not successful also shared at meeting so that we could come up with some ideas and solutions together.Just a suggestion. Why not see what happens when the children are challenged to design and build their own boats. Then you can again discuss balance, gravity, etc. "

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