Certo gli attori sono bravi ed è anche girato bene, ma se avete voglia di uscire angosciati e claustrofobici e volete farvi domande del tipo, ma a che serve fare un film così? Se poi volete anche  domandarvi, ma quali turbe avrà o avrà avuto chi ha scritto e diretto il film? …e tante altre inquietanti domande? Bene, allora andate a vedere Home di Ursula Meier...a me è successo, vittima di una nota critica al film, scritta probabilmente da qualcuno che non aveva visto il film o era talmente cinico e crudele da voler mandare altri a soffrir come lui!

Inserito da enzo , martedì 24 marzo 2009 alle 14:06 Commenti (3)

Commento di Don , sabato 16 marzo 2013 alle 20:26
" The point to me is that the Left is offended (hugely so) at this cocmial Obama reference (despite the fact that the guy who created it did so because some of his customers said that Obama looked like the cocmial character of Curious George, not because it or he is a chimp but because of the ears and facial expression) yet they have maligned President Bush in entirely unseemly degrees for years and not for purposes of humor or endearment, as Chimpy. The Left can't take their own behaviors applied on themselves. They continue to prove they are bullies, lack objectivity, certainly do not display kindness nor adequate respect for others.Chimpanzees are just unabashed facially and that's probably what people pick-up on when viewing them. But as to the Left's maligning Bush as Chimpy and similar, they've done so to literally demean him, reduce him to mere unreasoning animal. Many of the Democrats in Congress today are far less intelligent than President Bush. It's a case of the brittleness of Liberals who assume that non-Liberal positions and opinions represent foolishness or stupidity, which is not at all the case. "

Commento di Play , domenica 9 dicembre 2012 alle 01:02
" Stellar work there eveyrone. I'll keep on reading. "

Commento di Louisa , giovedì 28 luglio 2011 alle 13:54
" Finally! This is just what I was looknig for. "

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