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Ieri nellīaula di Palazzo Madama:

ęGli ultimi scampoli di conversazione resi noti ieri e oggi sono lž a dimostrare quanto ci sia bisogno che chi governa il nostro Paese dica la veritŗ. Anche nel dire il vero e il falso, il presidente Berlusconi ha superato ogni limite consentito. Non esiste alcuna nazione dove la menzogna dei governanti non corrompa pericolosamente la societŗ e le istituzioniĽ. Luigi Zanda (PD)

Oggi su La Repubblica:

L'unico boss virile  anagramma di Silvio Berlusconi di Antonello Caporale



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" How to come back to work? Then, Yan red snow came naturally Chen Rui's side, looked up and down <strong><a href="" title="burberry purses">burberry purses</a></strong> glances, the look of excitement. Eyes reveals that only Chen Rui Nengkanmingbai tenderness, staring straight Leng Leng looked at a few minutes after <strong><a href="" title="burberry handbags">burberry handbags</a></strong> This pull <strong><a href="" title="burberry usa">burberry usa</a></strong> hand toward the inside, security beckoned, but no say anything else, after all, Yan Chi snow As card lotus senior, and the most beautiful scenery in the whole building, <strong><a href="" title="burberry shirts">burberry shirts</a></strong> did not have that courage to offend her. Yan red snow wearing a dress. The office ladies temperament heavily, dragging Chen Rui, walk a few steps to the elevator, she then wake up, quickly loosen Chen Rui land hand, standing on the side of the trunk <strong><a href="" title="burberry outlet online">burberry outlet online</a></strong>, bow and aim at burberry bags The brow gentle enough to cover overflow could not. If it is the people, she is likely to Chen Rui stimulating action. The action just handle her conditioned reflex reaction, she just took a few steps to react, which is in the company. "

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" Silence, and tend to be more affectionate. Side of the leaf Cun-zhi quietly watching the mother and son, the hearts of some sentimental, he had already faded past flying momentum chuckle with a world of happiness envy. So his wife and children, even flying to die, regrets. Something without telling <strong><a href="" title="oakley sunglasses">oakley sunglasses</a></strong>? Ye Feng could not help mouths, incredible: that old man lying <strong><a href="" title="oakley sunglasses online">oakley sunglasses online</a></strong> There may, how dare something without telling you, impossible, absolutely impossible! You are not do not know, he even lied to the best people in the world, and also does not lie in front of you. SUN Shi Lan brow slightly limp since suspected: <strong><a href="" title="oakley sunglasses australia">oakley sunglasses australia</a></strong> total feeling he recently changed, resting on the usual, he would never buy this villa, and should not be <strong><a href="" title="oakley australia">oakley australia</a></strong> resolved on the strong pull <strong><a href="" title="cheap oakley sunglasses">cheap oakley sunglasses</a></strong> live in. Recently, he seems not as active as usual, occasionally softly sigh, really do not clear always been optimistic he will have something on your mind. "

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" Chen Rui hearts burst bitter, this difference is too big, the only way Don wan show femininity is Qin Yu Qin rain when they unequivocally want to directly position. Auntie, do not worry, <strong><a href="" title="burberry handbags">burberry handbags</a></strong> liked Xiaowan <strong><a href="" title="burberry usa">burberry usa</a></strong> would like to not be long, <strong><a href="" title="burberry shirts">burberry shirts</a></strong>'ll get married.<strong><a href="" title="burberry outlet online">burberry outlet online</a></strong>, You say it is not, Hsiao Wan?<strong><a href="" title="burberry bags">burberry bags</a></strong>, Chen Rui went to the side of the Tang Wan, took her hand, two hand fingers fork together, very sweet. The palms came a burst of slimy feeling, the Tang Yuen skin turned good, she does not like using cosmetics temper to such a degree, that we should be able to maintain, and perhaps this is the natural beauty. Despite the sadness of hate straight teeth, but Don wan but only let Chen Rui stained cheap, his hand tight, but two people have been pulled to sit on the sofa, legs stick together, like most of the sweet love. "

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" <strong><a href="" title="burberry outlet online">burberry outlet online</a></strong>,To take advantage of the honeymoon period just signed a few records. So that the effect on the market will be better. Another point <strong><a href="" title="burberry purses">burberry purses</a></strong> feel <strong><a href="" title="burberry handbags">burberry handbags</a></strong> can also sign some new talent show, after all, now is also a lot of, you have to pay more attention to what, <strong><a href="" title="burberry usa">burberry usa</a></strong> fancy two new touches, you looked over to look over it .<strong><a href="" title="burberry shirts">burberry shirts</a></strong>, Chen Rui finished, he gave the names of the two people reported to Susan, recently he most energy on the card lotus, because this acquisition, card lotus internal stability inevitable little problem, but a few days Chen Rui seized the opportunity to announce a good few messages card lotus does not move to layoffs like everything is run according to the same old way, plus his card lotus is also old faces, so but increased the enthusiasm of the employees, after all, wants to make a good showing in front of his new boss. "

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" Also <strong><a href="" title="burberry outlet">burberry outlet</a></strong> The only exclusion to a man, on previous occasions, thanks to him for help, just let <strong><a href="" title="burberry purses">burberry purses</a></strong> can be done a few single surgery.<strong><a href="" title="burberry handbags">burberry handbags</a></strong>, Xie Qinglan voice calm, placid.<strong><a href="" title="burberry usa">burberry usa</a></strong>, The nurses did not speak again before the end Chen Rui, creams, slowly smear on his behalf, the methods are very skilled smear was also very uniform.<strong><a href="" title="burberry shirts">burberry shirts</a></strong>, Far from the old Xie kind of level can be compared. Once this is done afterwards, the nurse behalf of Chen Rui wrap the gauze, both in terms of tactics, or material, very comfortable. Chen Rui sat up. Quite the back straight, looked a Xieqing Lan, Hsin Tao really is a professional physician before people feel comfortable. You hurt a maximum of two weeks will be fully recovered. Keep in mind that every three days to let those quacks treat for you, it is just in time delay wound healing. Chen Rui, sleeveless tops, did not speak, but my mind was thinking, is not really old Xie even quacks. "

Commento di M , giovedž 4 aprile 2013 alle 22:55
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