Ciao Alda hai lasciato leggera ed irritante come il fumo delle tue troppe sigarette..

Non cercate di prendere i poeti
perché vi scapperanno tra le dita (A. Merini)

I poeti lavorano di notte
quando il tempo non urge su di loro,
quando tace il rumore della folla
e termina il linciaggio delle ore.
I poeti lavorano nel buio
come falchi notturni od usignoli
dal dolcissimo canto
e temono di offendere Iddio.
Ma i poeti, nel loro silenzio
fanno ben più rumore
di una dorata cupola di stelle

Inserito da enzo , domenica 1 novembre 2009 alle 22:55 Commenti (2)

Commento di Ingrid , sabato 21 aprile 2012 alle 04:33
" it would never work. I was determined. I began to set my alarm clock every rnmoing at 9 o'clock. That way I could get enough sleep with out missing the day. Thats all I did, and the surprising thing is; its led me to meet a whole bunch of amazing people. Thats how I met my best friend, by just waking up early and going on a walk. So maybe it is true, that the little things due make a difference? "

Commento di Voice , sabato 21 aprile 2012 alle 01:00
" Thank you Erin and Jo for your comments on Daring to Leap last year. Of cuorse it is new to me and I feel it is exactly what I needed to think on today. I was laid off from a job I hated most of the time last February and have not been able to find full time work since then. I want to be free of the fear that keeps me stuck in my comfort zone and instead, do all those new things that make me feel alive again. It seems to me that we have to hit a bottom with pain, and it is more unbearable to live that way then to change. The child inside us is telling us what we need to live blissfully if we can only quiet our egos enough to listen. She's saying that she doesn't want to suffer anymore. She wants to play, laugh, and be free. I'm learning how to listen to her and hold her hand each day instead of always telling her to grow up like I use to. In my experience, the more gentle I am with myself and listen with my heart, the more grateful and full my life becomes. Thank you for building this website, it is an inspiration. "

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